Brazeiros in Knoxville TN: How it Works

Brazeiros Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant in Knoxville brings a dining experience like no other. Churrasco (pronounced as ‘shoe-RHAS’-ko’) is a unique type of cooking created by the Gauchos. Churrasco is a significant part of the Brazilian culinary and a staple in Brazilian cuisine. The Churrasco concept is often presented at festive celebrations with family and friends. Brazeiros guests will enjoy all the steps of this concept.

Beverages, Desserts, Tax and Gratuity not included.

Step 1: Brazeiros Beverages
Many beverages are available at Knoxville's BrazeirosWe invite our Knoxville restaurant guests to try one of the Brazeiros Brazilian specialty drinks or a choice from our extensive list of wine and cocktails. To enhance this authentic Brazilian dining experience, Brazeiros features a great variety of domestic and international wines and authentic Brazilian beverages. Once everyone is happily ready with drinks in hand, the orchestrating service begins.


Step 2: Salad Bar
An excellent salad bar is available at Knoxville's BrazeiroseBrazeiros guests are invited to visit our bountiful salad bar featuring over 20 items. Our Knoxville restaurant offers a delicious and healthy selection of items including fresh cut vegetables, gourmet salad, imported cheeses, cured meat and smoked salmon.


Step 3: Meat Selection & Coaster Card
Knoxville's Brazeiros offers a great selection of steaks, sausages, chicken and more!As a Brazeiros steakhouse guest you are provided a two-sided coaster card to signal your Gaucho chef. The green side of the card tells the gaucho chef to start table-side service.


Step 4: Meat Delivery & Carving
Knoxville's Brazeiros is a true churrascariaGuests may choose from Brazeiros 15 different cuts of meat. Guests are reminded to take their time when dining at Brazeiros; turn your card to red to take a break and back to green when you are ready for more sizzling meat. The Gaucho chefs will not stop delivering to the table until all cards are turned to red and the check is requested.


Step 5: Side Dishes
Knoxville's Brazeiros offers a wonderful side dishesThroughout the authentic Brazilian dining experience, guests will also be served traditional Brazilian side dishes. Brazeiros specialty side dishes are limitless and will be replenished throughout the dining experience.


Step 6: Coffee & Dessert
Come to Knoxville's Brazeiros for great desertsTo conclude this authentic Brazilian experience, we suggest coffee, delicious desserts, and after dinner drinks. For the sweet tooth we suggest one of the house specialty desserts; Papaya-Cream or the Brazilian Flan.